Hangman Update Published

Just a few days ago I published the new version of Hangman. One of the main features was Google play game services which worked out to be a very powerful platform and very easy to implement. Even though the users like the new features ,most of them don’t share their scores with the public (may be they are afraid of Google violating their privacy). Ultimately I am very pleased with this new update.

Cool Projects

Have you ever heard of LIFX? LIFX is an Australian startup the have re invented the light bulb ;). Their bulb uses new technology so you are able to control it from anywhere! They used Kickstarter to fund and are now producing their product. LIFX

Last Year Of School

By now school is already over and I have only a few exams to finish until I will officially graduate. The toughest subject this year is math, I literally had to study all day every day for a few weeks to get a good grade ,and it is not even over yet :( .This year the final exam was tougher than usual and I probably will need to take a “Second chance” exam. Hopefully when the major exams are over I will have more time for programing, I am planning to work on an iPhone version of Hangman, so stay Tuned!