As you have seen, the blog has changed a bit. Until now I have been using as my blogging platform. Recently they announced that there will be no free plan, so I had 14 days to find an alternative. I now use anchorcms with a great theme made by Piotr Filipek

postachio is a simple blogging platform that enabled having a blog without owning a server. The idea was that the writer would use evernote for the writing and they would pull the “marked” notes and display them in the blog, and the best part, it was free and had nice features. Now it costs 10$ a month so I figured I could find something that will bring me more flexibility with a lower price tag

The Solution

At first I was looking for a similar alternative solution, but after a while I figured it will be nice to have my own server, so I started looking for self hosted simple blogging platforms. I found anchorcms and I must say I’m impressed. It is much easier doing anything from writing a post to customising my theme. There are still some rough pieces in the platform but hopefully they will be smoothed out in the feature. By the way, if your looking for a VPS digitalocean is the best.

Update (September 2016)

After a while I decided to move to github free hosting in combination with Jekyll. So far so good :-)